All About MABIA-Ghana

    Midwife Preceptorship

    MABIA-Ghana is an indigenous Ghanaian non-profit organization committed to promoting Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights {SRHR) of vulnerable populations particularly women, young girls, and children in the three northern regions.

    MABIA-Ghana is a non-profit organization that was founded in August, 2011 to advocate for sound reproductive health policies for vulnerable populations in Ghana particularly the three northern regions.
    MABIA-Ghana is adopting strategic projects that better meet the sexual and reproductive health and right challenges facing rural communities in northern Ghana. Among the many sexual and reproductive health and rights issues in Ghana are the rights of women and girls to have access to legal and safe abortion services. MABIA-Ghana is fulfilling this need through its project entitled “Increasing Access and Sustaining Quality of Comprehensive Abortion Care in Northern Ghana. In addition, MABIA-Ghana is providing Cervical Screening and Cryotherapy services to women and young girls.
    MABIA-Ghana’s governing structure and decision-making are anchored around three main organs:
    a) The Board of Directors that plays a strategic oversight role; approves policies and budgets, deliberates on issues of strategic importance, and holds management accountable for agreed decisions.
    b) The Secretariat that is headed by the Executive Director charged with the delivery of day to day activities including staff supervision.
    c) Expert Advisors who provide specialist and expert advice.

    Our Mission

    MABIA-Ghana’s mission is to prevent sexual and reproductive health complications, disability, and related disability among the less privileged and most vulnerable populations in Ghana.

    Our Vision

    To have a society where sexual and reproductive health rights, decisions, and choices are recognized and respected.

    Where We Work

    MABIA-Ghana works in the most deprived communities in the three northern regions of Ghana. MABIA-Ghana has midwife volunteers in selected districts of the Upper East Region who were trained to advocate and provide cervical cancer education and screening services. These districts include the Bolgatanga municipality, Kassena-Nankana East district,Bawku West district, and the Talensi district. The Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) Project is currently run in the Bulsa South district in the Upper East region,the Sissala East district in the Upper West region, the Chereponi and Gusheigu districts in the Northern Region.

    What We Do

    MABIA-Ghana works in every major area of reproductive health. We provide a wide array of sexual and reproductive health information, services, and products to vulnerable populations particularly poor women and young girls in underserved communities throughout the three northern regions of Ghana. We provide technical assistance and capacity building to local communities with the main aim of strengthening the health systems and making a difference in the lives of the people.


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